Requesting Your Feedback on Safe Cycling Infrastructure

Port Hawkesbury is looking for public feedback for safe cycling infrastructure on Granville Street
Bicycle Nova Scotia and the Town of Port Hawkesbury are looking for public feedback on what type of All Ages and Abilities (AAA) infrastructure residents would like to see. As local experts, we want to know what option would work best to make a safe cycling route in Port Hawkesbury.
Over the past year, Bicycle Nova Scotia (BNS) has been working on plans for a network of bicycle routes that will provide a safer and more well-connected environment to move about Port Hawkesbury by bicycle. A network map was proposed for the Town, and the route from Granville Street, up Sydney Road to Pinecrest Drive was chosen as a priority for identifying what infrastructure should be built. Now, BNS is again asking for public expertise about which of the options would work best on each section.
Port Hawkesbury recently built a multi-use trail along the western part of Reeve Street, down to the NSCC. This path has been a huge success, and BNS has proposed multi-use paths as an option in some sections of the route (including Granville Street). “The lower traffic sections of this route, such as Sydney Road North of Reeve Street, may not need as expensive infrastructure to make it safe. One of the options we have proposed for that route is basically a multi-use path with bollards rather than raised curbs. This is a much more cost-effective option, while still physically separating people walking and cycling from motor vehicles.” Alison Carlyle, Bicycle Nova Scotia.
● Drawings of the proposed layouts and descriptions of the pros and cons for each option on Granville Street and Sydney Road
● Opportunity for resident to rate the options and choose their favourite design for each section of the route
● Survey open until May 14th at blueroute.ca/hubs
Innovative Infrastructure Proposed: Advisory Bike Lane:
One of things BNS is proposing for Sydney Road is an advisory bike lane. This option, which has only been implemented in one place in Canada, would have cars sharing a centre lane, while people walking and cycling take priority on the side. When two cars are travelling in opposite directions, they must slow down, check the active transportation lane, and when clear each move to the side of the road to pass. This would be similar to driving on a very narrow road, with passing shoulders. “This is a good option for a low traffic road, because it still provides separated space for people walking and cycling on either side and encourages everyone to use the available space. It is also the only option for the section north of Reeve Street that wouldn’t require any construction, and could be implemented temporarily. We aren’t sure though if this is something that residents would feel comfortable in, so the feedback will be very helpful.” Alison Carlyle, Bicycle Nova Scotia.
Further information and resources:
Bicycle Nova Scotia (BNS) represents recreational, commuter and competitive cyclists and is
working toward increasing ridership throughout the province. It’s main focus for the past several
years has been the implementation of safe cycling infrastructure through the Blue Route Cycling Network, a network with over 3,000 km of connected cycling infrastructure; as well as advancing
the fulfillment of municipal Active Transportation (AT) plans. The Blue Route enables Nova
Scotians to explore key destinations around the province and promotes an improved sense of community and a strong local economy.
The Hubs project aims to link the Blue Route, which is currently only planned on provincial roads, through municipalities. These bicycle routes connect cycle tourists to local businesses, and allow local residents to travel by bike for everyday journeys.
Link to survey: www.blueroute.ca/hubs
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