COVID 19 Press Release

May 1, 2021

Press Release:  As the 3rd Wave of Coronavirus impacts the Eastern Health Zone, the Town of Port Hawkesbury wants citizens to know that they care.   

Port Hawkesbury Town Council and staff recognize the citizens who live, work and play in our Town are understandably worried about the increasing rate of Covid 19 exposures and potential cases in our health zone.  
Mayor Brenda Chisholm-Beaton states, “It is completely understandable that people are worried!  However, panic is never a solution.  Now, more than ever, we need to follow the protocols that Dr. Strang and the entire team at Public Health has put into effect to both identify and combat the spread of Covid 19.” She continues, “Premier Iain Rankin has implemented a two week lock-down.  We need to heed the Premier’s important request to Nova Scotians to stay home.”  
Mayor and Council also want to relay another important message to the citizens of Port Hawkesbury and other citizens in our Eastern Health zone.
“If you can be anything, be kind!  Our friends, family, and neighbours who have tested positive for Covid 19 need our compassion, our kindness, our understanding, and, in many circumstances, our help!  What our ill community members don’t need, nor deserve, is finger-pointing, harassment, blame, or stigma of any kind.  Coronavirus doesn’t pick or choose its victims based on any kind of age, trait, or merit.  Coronavirus doesn’t discriminate – so neither should we,” recommends the Mayor.
Mayor and Council also recognize that the increase in numbers of tests, cases, exposure notices, and lab work that has resulted from rising Covid 19 numbers has delayed test results and public information about exposures.  
“Public health teams and volunteers are working hard to play catch up, and it is important that citizens remain patient regarding test results or exposure notices.  Simply put, we need to stay home– especially if you are awaiting results.  When that isn’t possible due to work or other essential activities, then it is important to wear a mask, practice six feet distancing from others, sanitize hands often, and be as careful as possible,” states the Mayor.
Lastly, Mayor and Council commends the cooperation of the businesses and properties that have experienced Covid 19 potential exposure notices.
“The exposure notices are a very good thing because they arm us with knowledge, knowledge as to who should get tested.  Those locations identified have been very professional and timely with implementing deep cleanings, posting information to citizens, and even re-working their Covid-19 practices to improve their protocols to keep the public as safe as they can.  I encourage everyone to support these locations and businesses.  Let us recognize that these businesses and facilities will always try their best to keep the public safe.  Despite best efforts, though, we know that Coronavirus spreads best when people who carry it have no symptoms,” notes the Mayor.  She continues, “The best way to stop the spread of this virus is to follow the public health protocols carefully, get tested when you are called on to do so, stay home, and be patient through the remainder of this Provincial lock-down.”          
Mayor, Council, and Staff of the Town of Port Hawkesbury want citizens to know that they care.  If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out.  We are in this together, and the only way to get through this is together.   Our ability to recover as a Town and a region will only be as strong as our ability to work together, support one another, be kind to one another, and to be patient with the public health protocols that are designed to keep us as safe as possible.


For more information:

Brenda Chisholm-Beaton, Mayor
Town of Port Hawkesbury, bchisholmbeaton@townofph.ca, 902-302-9371
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