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The Strait Area  region of Nova Scotia has substantial economic development potential, part of which can be realized by enhancing the inter-industry linkages of existing companies that are based in the area. The development opportunities are in strategic sectors with growth potential, including the manufacturing, technology, transportation/distribution, energy and the oceans industries.

Leading edge manufacturing and processing. Pulp and paper manufacturing, seafood processing and steel fabricating also have a long history in the Strait Area and continue to be major sources of high quality jobs and income for the region, with incremental growth potential

Oceans and marine sector. This sector has historically dominated the economy of the Strait Area and continues to be a key economic driver in the 21st century, with substantial growth potential looking forward.

Energy sector. The Strait Area has a long history in the energy sector going back several decades. It has been a centre for petroleum products refining, storage and shipping since the 1970s and continues this role in the conventional energy sector, as well as new roles as a centre for bio-energy, offshore oil and gas servicing, and potentially LNG importing and exporting.

Transportation and supply chain hub. The Strait Area has been an international trans-shipment hub for petroleum products and other bulk commodities for decades. The presence of the Strait of Canso, along with adjacent rail and highway connectivity provide the base infrastructure for further development in this role.

The Strait Area is unique in several respects, not the least of which is its mix of business and service providers. In combination, these enterprises continue to shape a dynamic economy.  Some of the key attributes of the area that make for a strategic location for investment include multimodal transportation, a dedicated and committed workforce, the deepest ice free port in North America, safety conscious industry partners, training facilities/opportunities(NSCC, St. F.X., CBU, Universite de Sainte Anne and an overall higher quality of life.


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