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A Town For Everyone
Town of Port Hawkesbury Accessibility Plan 2022-2025

Equitable access to community life and participation in our community are important for everyone, regardless of age or ability. Further, it is important that our community is inclusive and as barrier-free as possible, so that everyone can participate with dignity and independence. The Town of Port Hawkesbury’s Accessibility Advisory Committee (PHAAC) invites you to read our Town’s first accessibility plan, “Port Hawkesbury: A Town for Everyone” that outlines the committee’s recommendations, many of which will be achieved in the next three years.

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Destination Reeves Street

Reeves Street Renewal & Revitalization

The Town of Port Hawkesbury in partnership with the Strait Area Chamber of Commerce contracted the services of a planning and design firm to complete a conceptual development plan for Reeves Street. Ekisitcs Planning and Design along with Form Media completed the plan titled “Destination Reeves Street” in April 2015. The plan builds on previous plans and aims to improve the economic development potential of the corridor, encouraging more businesses and additional mixed use developments for residents. It focuses on ways to enhance the character of the street and the developments that front it, encourage façade improvements for existing businesses, improve the safety and functionality of the road network for cars, cyclists and pedestrians and improve the tourism draw potential of Reeves Street and surrounding areas. The foundation of the plan leverages a new movement called Complete Streets and is one of the first Complete Street plans in Atlantic Canada.

Destination Reeves Street is a strategy for improving the street’s potential through renewal and revitalization. It focuses on creating better connections to the waterfront and other signature Town spaces, better integrating the NSCC campus into the downtown, expanding the network of trails and natural areas in the town and improving the town’s brand and signage to encourage more tourism traffic. This study presents a framework for capitalizing on improvements over time to increase the street’s destination appeal for residents, businesses and tourists.

For the next phase of this plan, it is imperative that we have involvement from the business community. We invite you to review the conceptual plan provided and welcome your questions and feedback. To know more about how your business can be a part of the future opportunities for Reeves Street and Town of Port Hawkesbury, please call the Town Office at 902-625-2746.

Concept Development Plan Final Report View PDF (42.2mb)

Destination Reeves Street Presentation View PDF (27.9mb)

Reeves Street Safety Study View PDF (7.3mb)

NSCC – Port Hawkesbury Connection Plan View PDF (1.6mb)

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