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Port Hawkesbury offers diverse transportation options, including a network of well-maintained roads for car travel. Public transit services are available through Strait Area Transit, and the town is easily navigable by walking or cycling. Additionally, there are taxi services to cater to local transportation needs. The nearby airport facilitates air travel, connecting the town to broader destinations.

Active Transportation Plan

The objective of the Port Hawkesbury Active Transportation Plan is to create a safe and inclusive network for year-round travel by nonvehicular means within the Town of Port Hawkesbury and to make the residents of Port Hawkesbury aware of the Active Transportation options available, and facilitate their decision to use those options.

Strait Area Transit

Strait Area Transit is a unique, community based public transportation model serving the Strait Area. Strait Area Transit is a non-profit charitable organization made up of a volunteer board of directors, partners and sponsoring organization. There goal is to provide all inclusive, accessible, and affordable transportation to all the residents of the Strait Area. For more information on Strait Area Transit, including their schedule and rates, please visit the website below.

Allan J. MacEachern Airport

Phone: 1-902-625-2206

The Port Hawkesbury Airport is located approximately 8 km. north of the Port Hawkesbury town limits and just off the Trans Canada Highway No. 105 on Airport Road. The airport is open year round and welcomes local as well as visiting pilots, passengers, and the general public.

The Town of Port Hawkesbury owns the airport and is assisted financially and administratively in its operation by the neighboring municipalities of Antigonish County, Inverness County, District of Guysborough, Richmond County and the Town of Mulgrave.

National Car Rental

Phone: 1-902-625-2951

46 Paint St
Port Hawkesbury, NS
B9A 3K1

Dave’s Taxi

Phone: 1-902-625-2951

15 Bourinot Dr,
Port Hawkesbury, NS
B9A 3C1

Harper’s Taxi

Phone: 1-902-625-1434
Ceilidh Trail, Highway 19,
Newtown, NS
B9A 1J3

Hurlburt’s Taxi

Phone: 1-902-631-4312
5 Harold St,
Port Hawkesbury, NS
B9A 2Z8

C.E.O. Taxi LTD.

Phone: 902-631-6099

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