Solid Waste Management

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Way to go, Port Hawkesbury! We acheived a diversion rate greater than 50%, this means that the weight of our organics composted exceeded the weight of garbage sent to the landfill. According to the Government of Canada, organic and kitchen waste makes up to 30% of the waste disposed of by Canadian households.

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The Town of Port Hawkesbury would like to remind residents that effective January 1st, 2021 black bags will no longer be accepted and garbage must be placed in clear bags.

All material must be curbside by 7:00am on your scheduled collection day.


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2023 Waste Collection Calendar 


Compostable Bags

Confused on what bags are acceptable in your kitchen bin and green cart?

Let us clarify: Use only the paper bags or the certified compostable bags with the logo in the green cart; these do compost. Certified compostable bags are scientifically tested to verify that items will breakdowon in composting facilities without harming the quality of the compost.

What not to use: regular plastic bags or bio-degradable bags; these do not compost.


Winter Green Cart Tips

  • Please ensure that green carts, clear bags, blue bags and garbage boxes are not buried or stuck in snow banks. If they are not easily accessible to the driver, they may not be collected. 

To keep your organics from freezing in your green cart:

  • Line the bottom of your cart with newspaper, cardboard boxes or paper bags.
  • Don't compress cart contents.
  • Wrap wet foods in napkins, newspaper or boxes.
  • Layer wet organics (food waste) with dry organics (newspaper, pizza boxes).
  • Consider spraying your green cart with cooking oil to minimize the risk of freezing and ensure easy removal.


Helpful PDFs

Residential Sorting Guide PDF

Streets Included on the Monday Collection Schedule (Zone 1) PDF

Streets Included on the Tuesday Collection Schedule (Zone 2) PDF

Collection Zones PDF

Frequently Asked Questions PDF

DIY Kitchen Bin Liners

When is my collection day?  Simply enter your address into the link and click on your house for information on your zone, collection day and collection schedule.

How to dispose of sharps? Please be safe with sharps. The unsafe disposal of sharps presents a health and safety risk to front-line waste workers. Visit #Dontbeaprick to learn more.

Frequently Asked Green Cart Questions

Have questions about your green cart?
Click here for our Frequently Asked Questions on Green Cart Collection.

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Helpful Links

Divert NS

Please visit their website for more information on how to improve our environment, economy, and quality of life by reducing, reusing, recycling, and recovering resources.

Eastern Region Solid Waste Management

All organics collected at curbside are trucked to the Guysborough Waste Management Facilty. For information on the Facility and what items they accept please visit the Eastern Region Solid Waste Management wesbite.


If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Solid Waste Information Line (902) 625-7888.


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